Fear. A word. Rather an emotion. Trembles your heart? Rips you apart? . Be fearless. An action. An attitude. Face your fear. Feel your tear. Let it shake you. Let it break you. For once. Just for once.  . A Life awaits. Beyond your fear. Take a leap of faith. Get life more nearer. . … More FEAR The FearLESS.

The ardent Love for Krishna

मेरे सामने तुम आते नहीं, पर मुझसे दूर कही जाते भी नहीं आज भी हूँ तेरे इंतज़ार में वहीँ, यमुना के किनारे , इसी चाह में ; की कब तेरी बंसी पुकारे! न ये नैना थकते, न ये रैना बीते, तेरी यादों से आज भी है हम सपने सीते. अधरे है चुप, पर नयन कर … More The ardent Love for Krishna

Angel, my search now ends amongst those stars…

Sitting under the bare sky In the middle of the green.. Cool breeze playing with my hair, Trying to cover my vision, the serene scene. I was trying to search for a face, a soul, amongst those twinkling stars.. thought that it would be as bright, similar to your smile.. as dazzling, like your presence..as familiar … More Angel, my search now ends amongst those stars…

Never Give Up!

Definitely, all of us have faced setbacks in our life in some or the other ways.. but mind you, setbacks are a part of our life.. not a life as a whole!! Just like we can’t be successful all the time in all our spheres.. the same is the case with setbacks.. everybody reaches their ultimate goal some … More Never Give Up!