Women In Love

5:00 AM
Location: London

My whole night was taken up by sniffing and cuddling with my beloved. The one, who has been with me throughout the best and worst phases of my life. The one who has always acted as a mirror. Reflection of my thoughts, beliefs and my ultimate confidant! Every night, the session lasted a little longer than the previous one and every morning, I would find a new and appealing change in myself!

Tired.. need rest.. enough for today! But the mind says, submit it all. Once more! And, it will be a relaxing experience. Obviously, who doesn’t like to submit their soul to the highest peak and taste a different realm of the world!

I wore my house coat.. lit up a cigar and stood beside the window to see the city’s pandiculation. It’s a treat for your eyes to see the Thames flowing at its own joyful speed. The roar of waters carried away by the wind sounds like music to the ears. The view of Buckingham palace shows its extravagance when the sun’s rays fall upon its walls making it turn golden, just like Midas’s touch.  I turned around and saw my beloved peacefully lying at its back and lost in the world of sleep!

I am thankful for another wonderful experience and giving me a great kick start for the day. This time it was Women In Love. It did not let me sleep, as I could relate it to my life! Surely books are the best companions and they have the capacity to keep you awake all night and get engrossed in it. People had left at one time or other but books were always by my side, as my confidant. I love sniffing them as it makes me feel intoxicated. Their soft body in the form of pages ignites my urge to touch and flip them throughout the time. And now, there it lies! Tired through my interventions in all its corners, and now peacefully admiring its seclusion.

I believe Classic Books gives you an enlightened “Mindgasm” Their words touches your soul and hits your mind to and fro and making you feel light, enlightened and liberated. Standing near the window, I was admiring the serene beauty of London times! The top of London eye was sharply reflecting its edges due to sunlight as if saying, the more you rise, the more you shine!!

I’m happy. Happy in my own world. Yet sad, as while proceeding further some things had been left behind and alas it’s no more with me.But yes! The moments lived are forever mine and they cannot be taken away even by the roughness of time.

I guess that’s what Krishna has planned for me. I trust HIM, trust my journey in spite of all odds and nobody knows better than HIM as in what aspirations I have been born with deep down in my heart! Nevertheless, humans need not be blamed at some point because we all are performing our indigenous roles scripted by Krishna. Trust HIM as HE will never let you down or make you feel miserable like humans. Amidst of all chaos, LIFE GOES ON…

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