It’s ok to feel bad at times,
Not all are good enough to find you a recluse.
It’s ok to cry your heart out,
Not all are good enough to empathize yours subdues.

We came alone into this world
We shall depart alone to a better world.
In the middle, we live alone, deep within;
in our own world.

This world replicates faces full of lies
Where all smile prevails when one heart cries.
Where emotions are weighed in terms of price,
Where unfair means makes the future jeopardize.

In my lonely world, I dwell in pain.
Which, sometimes, rips me apart;
And, is my force, to fight unbearable disdain!

To me, this world seems to be peculiar
Where success accompanies jealousy,
Where failure brings mocking sympathy.
Where being real is a sin;
And, fakeness is on its brim.

Is this, a better world?
This is what we had dreamt for so far?
Even The Supreme Personality of Godhead can foresee,
The dreadful end of unscrupulous human’s bizarre!

2 thoughts on “Is This, A BETTER WORLD?

  1. Sometimes I think it was better during the cave times…at least we were true to ourselves…that’s why I blog, so I can express the thoughts I can’t speak out loud due to the fear of being called ‘weird’ ….this was lovely to read!😊

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