Teri Yaad Aandi Ae..

Tried something new.. I hope you would enjoy the change!!

42 thoughts on “Teri Yaad Aandi Ae..

  1. still it did not. may be some comptibility issues with android. I have noticed few WP features work well on PC but not on phone.


      1. that i can do only in office ☺. but let other reader confirm whether its working in their phone…slow net speed could be reason as well.

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      1. Well when I opened the post, I could only see the image. I thought it was a photography post. Only after editing did I see the audio clip. Not opening in the phone app so will check tomorrow.
        Stupid me. 😂😂😂

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  2. Its palying fine on android and on lappie both .
    U hv gr8 voice divya…. Superb … 👍
    Keep going… 👌
    Try to have long breathing practice….to reduce the disturbance caused due to short breath or wispered air….listen it with some good music system….u ll feel the disturbance……..it woyld be just gr8… 😊
    Sry to look for the mistakes…but i think u can easily overcome that thing….👍
    Waiting for the nxt song… 😊😊

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      1. Yeah…..i know…… many guyz and galz have lot of things with them…. but due to some responsibilities…they cant take it further………but u know one thing …..once u have a stone…which seems like Diamond…just keep polishing it…….and u ll see…it glows more and more and more….. 😊
        Take time out of ur busy schedule…and do practices……u ll definitely enjoy that… 😊
        All d very best dear. 👍

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      2. Ooooo…. Ohk ohk…..then its gr8…u have a flawless voice buddy…keep singing…..the world is all about chords….sometimes its higher note…sometimes lower note….but yeah….it keep its music ON….all the time….have a gr8 time. 😊

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    1. Dheeraj I couldn’t find your video.. pls paste your link here so I can directly see that. first u have to sign up I’m SoundCloud then there is record option you can record it or import your recordings to sound cloud there is an option for that too .. and then it will be stored in your id u want it’s visibility to be public or private that would be up to you ☺

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