The Ultimate Knower!!

Wow! Whenever I open this book & come across the lines “To my beloved Divya – The ultimate knower” .. words are less to express my emotions at that moment of time.. My eyes gazing at those writings constantly & recalling the day 31.07.2012 when I got this book & it was inked by such mesmerizing words..

I was being referred to read this book ‘JANE EYRE’ from the person who is the ultimate inspiration of my life. A friend, a philosopher, a guide because of whom I had found the purpose of my life. I found the answer regarding such referral after reading this book. I could correlate to the life of the character Jane Eyre to the core! While reading this book & analysing as how this character had survived by passing through all the pitfalls & reaching to that end for which she deserves to brought tears to my eyes.

I was answered that inside this book my future is hidden, my destiny is hidden & a similar walk towards the life is what I would be following. A walkthrough passed in my mind while going through it. But one thing I couldn’t understand that why such letters were inked for me. More precisely, the words, “The ultimate knower” is what I was not able to understand. Basically I wanted to know the significance & the real fact behind it. I used to wonder that why such heavy words are being used for me. A sense of excitement used to run down my spines whenever I used to think about it.

Finally, one day I asked him that why such words were written for me. What is the thing which I would be knowing ultimately?  He said,” You would be the only person who would know me the best in almost every possible way & the answers to all the questions, the reasonings, the happenings all would be confined to you. Your future lies in those three words…”  By listening to this from him my heart was filled with joy & happiness.

Even today whenever I think about it, a smile runs down my face. Even if I am in a bad mood or feeling gloomy this whole incident always cheers me up & it brings a smile on my face. This particular memory would always stay forever with me even when the day would come when I would breathe the last breath of my life, my soul would depart from this world by carrying this memory & at that time also my soul itself would smile that yes it happened to me!

So the journey is on..since then.. from the knower to the ULTIMATE knower & I am loving every part, twist & turns of this way. J. Still today my fingers always run across such words making me feel gratified.  Despite the fact, just like the journey of Jane Eyre.. I pass through many pitfalls of my life but at the end I know I would cherish all these during the last moments of my life & the fact that I was crowned by the title “THE ULTIMATE KNOWER”!!  🙂



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