I now walk INTO THE WILD…

How does it feel like to accept apologies & forgive them without any real time happening of it? Because it’s all IN YOUR MIND. I had accepted apologies which were not even made to me.. I had forgiven them without any means of communication.. I did it by my own.. for myself..by my mind..to live in peace.!!

It was totally addressed “TO ME.. FOR ME.. & BY ME.”

Life is too short to fret. Too short to carry grudges, despair, heartburns & many more… They did wrong to you, they didn’t listen to you, they had left you without any notice of their departure.. just got vanished in the very next moment.. theY.. thEY… tHEY.. THEY!! Stop now.!

It’s your life & it should be all about YOU & not THEY. Stop those conventional thoughts of Why me? Why such things happened to me? just break the monotony.. because such thoughts would be keeping you bewildered & you would lose yourself in the long run of “THEY”. You must have passed those endless nights of weeping & sobbing, you & your mind in opposite directions, you trying to curse yourself even if it is not your mistake.. even I had faced such things & today I am going to share what is my takeaway from all these stuffs.

A message to “THEY” (you know better who are those THEY in your life :p) :

” Thank you, YES you heard me right! Thank you for visiting my life. πŸ˜€ Β It was just when you people left me… I FOUND MYSELF. I realised the importance of myself amidst of all the chaos & fuss.. thanks for leaving all my queries unasnwered because now I had figured it out by myself… thanks for clearing the air amongst us.. thanks for making me remind that it’s high time you had spend in watching the blurred image.. you need to now adjust your focus..I now don’t have to further prick myself with all the pickerings & heartburns..I now recall the happy moments with you atleast it brings a smile on my face. Sometimes I feel it was the situation .. sometimes the people.. who had taught me my share of lessons.

Now I spend my life more constructively & more focused to my goals.. You all taught me that nothing lasts forever.. even the word NOTHING..it has its own end at one point of time. Yes, life would have been something different if you were there.. but time shows us everything. Nevermind. It was just when I had forgiven you.. my heart really felt calm & light. But believe me, coming to this end.. was not at all easy.. I had passed a hell lot of pains & sufferings but I must tell you TODAY I can say all they were worth it to realise all such facts & emerging as a better person, just like a phoenix! Β Because in the end whenever I’ll die, I want to close my eyes peacefully without any clinges.. I don’t want any hitches which would be pricking my breath till my last moment of life. Your deeds are with you & I am responsible for mine!

I had learnt When you forgive, you love, & when you love..God’s light shines upon you.”Β 

Now with this I shall now take my leave from you & henceforth..



36 thoughts on “I now walk INTO THE WILD…

  1. great to read….but sometimes unless “they” are tackled properly they will keep visiting our life “physically” to torment more and forgiving, forgetting and moving ahead may not work in a conventional sense 😊😊

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