The SHOW must go on!!

Yet another cycle which most of us face in our life at some point of time.

Starting with strangers.. well they are all around… these are those people regarding whom we are GENERALLY not bothered (apart from those people who say “ how would people react to this?” “what would people say to this?”) I am sure we all had experienced these kind of thoughts in our life now & then..but still strangers are strangers… We are not really bothered about them at the end.

If we rewind our life to our childhood days we would find that the first friend of our life was also once a stranger to us! So how come a stranger turned into a friend? What are those qualities which we search among people to qualify for being our friend? It’s just while talking to a stranger we are actually trying to figure out every second whether my wavelength matches with that person or not.. Whether my elementary thoughts are on same grounds as of hers/him or not. These are some thoughts which we actually do not introspect..the work is actually in the hands of our subconscious mind which does all these job for us at a very fast rate that we cant even trace its workings very easily! So by this process we welcome a stranger to enter into our world as a FRIEND

Who’s a friend? A person whom we look after to in our good and hard times. A person with whom we share our smile & grief. It is being said somewhere that if your friendship lasts for more than 7 years its gonna stay for your lifetime! (wow! A big statement!) I don’t know whether its true or not or whether it possess some scientific study.. but I am sure we all had faced in our life some friends who are still with us since our childhood days, some who were friends for a week, a month , a year etc. basically we may call them as Temporary friend.. but sometimes these temporary people teaches  us some lessons of life!

A best friend! ( the exciting path) Whenever we think about our best friend it brings up a smile at our face. These are those people with whom our wavelength matches the most..with whom we yearn to spend time.. we laugh out loud..we cry at times.. a reservoir of our secrets.. there is a point when your parents doesn’t know whats  goin on in your life.. but your best friend knows all your pulse!

Lovers (a whohoo path!) It happens in rare cases where our best friends gradually turn into our heartthrob. A transformation from a best friend to a lover sounds mesmerizing to all of us..and yes it is.. that person who was a stranger once, then a friend, a best friend & now a lover.. it couldn’t have been better than this.. when we reach upto this part of cycle. At this point we are at the top of our world busy planning regarding our future, family, career & all those possible good things which comes at each other’s mind. Basically we start making our your world in our fantasy life & we start believing that its gonna happen one day.. but lucky are those people who watches their fantasy turning into a reality!

Strangers (the most heartbreaking path) A fantasy is actually not a reality.. Somehow two lovers cant negotiate their path properly, misunderstandings, lots of crying, a heart at that moment converts itself into a sea with lots of waves facing ups & downs of this stage. And then we land up deciding to fall apart & there goes all our fantasy world in vain! Sad, very sad. The most sad part is this the one who once was a stranger who did not bothered us at all is now again a stranger who taken away all the charm from each stage of this cycle..  Due to this we stop believing in us, somehere we start finding faults in ourselves, or the universal statement comes in our mind, “ why me god? Why the hell, ME”.

Its painful that whom we knew at one time so well is now had turned into just another person of our life.. But we forget to introspect at the other side of this cycle.. God had kept something more good for us & HE wants us to be more strong by experiencing such situations so that we grow up more mature & learn about life.  Its easy to say but its harder to implement. I know this. But still we cant sit & yearn for things to fall back again.. for e.g. When a comedian shares a joke for the first time the crowd laughed out loud, he repeated the same joke the second time not all from the crowd had laughed again he repeated the third time rarely anybody had laughed.. So the moral of the story.. if we cant laugh again & again at the same joke why we should cry again & again at the same sad moment of our life! Think about it. We should rather cherish that we had some great time of our life with that person & that time is now stored forever for eternity. So people, SMILE that you had faced this cycle & look at the positive part of it.. because a famous statement ‘s fact can’t be denied.. “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” 🙂

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