Stop being a hypocrite instead do introspect!!

We say every human is special…  distinct in each & every aspect. But why can’t we ACTUALLY accept this fact?? Yes, somewhere inside us we are not able to cope up with this fact that every human is different from others. Everyone has their own likes & dislikes, own wants & desires, own perspective to look at life.

  1. If a girl is an introvert, people consider her as a snob.
  2. If she doesn’t go to parties or disco she is outdated.
  3. If she doesn’t listen to English, jazz or rock music she has no sense of music.
  4. If she is not social by nature she is outdated.
  5. If she is not wearing a dress she doesn’t have a dress sense.
  6. If she cries at small issues she is considered a weak person.

Now following the legacy of the general multitude what would be the answer of the same girl..

  1. I am an introvert because you people are just not worth it to listen to my words because you don’t possess that level of wisdom & knowledge to be a part of my discussion. J
  2. May be you love it, but for me it’s quite stupid, rather I would love to dance at my home on my favourite track with my favourite people with cocktails & mocktails that to for free!!
  3. I listen to that music that goes way beyond your head. Very difficult to sing, not so easy to play them too. Those jonor of music where the elementary roots of music lies!! So guess who are those people who have no sense of music?
  4. Instead of judging try to introspect as why she is not social. May be I don’t like you people who are always  interested 24*7 in each other’s lives.
  5. Plato said “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder ” & the real beauty lies within the person’s self. You people are not that matured to analyse that!
  6. It is being said that those who cry often tends to have great mental capacity & capability to handle great ups & downs in their life. So now you answer me who is a weak person?

But the fact is different..the girl  ACTUALLY thinks this..

  1. It’s ok if they don’t understand me.. everybody has their own point of view.. it doesn’t bother me.
  2. I prefer utilising time productively. I love reading books especially classics, so brain wise I am pretty much more updated which helps me improve my personality all the time.
  3. I believe, listen to that music that touches your heart & leaves an impression on your mind. I don’t find that level of comfort in English, jazz or rock music so I don’t listen to it.
  4. May be the gentry is not upto my mark where I can make myself comfortable. For me a single person is also enough for a company if our wavelength matches.
  5. Dress never signifies beauty. People’s mind & their thoughts are definitely the reflection of their beauty.
  6. If you are happy, you share a smile with your near ones.. so what is the harm if you are down and you weep infront of them? Just like sharing a smile is an emotion.. so is crying. So why people are so partial between smiling & crying?

So despite being a hypocrite & carrying a slogan “ Everyone is special ” we need to start introspecting our ownselves. If we can’t understand a person atleast we don’t possess that much  of right to disrespect him/her. If that girl can take such remarks so sportingly with such well thought replies why can’t we?? She is also a human are we.. so why it has turn so difficult for us to think rationally? I am sure you must have understood as what is the major difference between two kinds of replies by this girl.. now it’s upto you in which category you want yourself to fall because your attitude & thoughts says a lot about you..

So  watch out! & introspect .. are we on the right path in the making of a better person in our life? 🙂

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