A message to myself…

When life tries to knock you down

when your heart carries all your aches..

when eyes trying to gulp tears falling down,

when you carry a smile at the same time on your face..

When you reach a threshold in handling your pains

when anger starts burning in your veins;

when fingers starts folding in your hands

when eyelids lowers down to avoid everyone’s glance…

A very strong emotion indeed. Even words are just not enough to explain what a man experiences on such moment of time. It’s like a gust of wind (signifying this emotion) trying to pass through a door which this man is trying his best to close it & stop that wind to pass through..

Life is not easy to handle.. the moment we think yes it’s going on the right track, the very next moment our train is derailed!! People say you can change almost everything in your life.. Now ALMOST is having many exceptions just like – you cannot change your birth place, you cannot change your parents (if you think they are mixing toxin in your life), you cannot change your neighbour etc.. so we try to start adjusting with such people. But there is a limit to it. You realise that you are at your threshold when you start experiencing the above said emotions..Not everyone is supposed to have a plain happy ending life.. We need to strive throughout our life to give your life a happy ending.

But after all the bruises & scratches  on your happiness & emotions somewhere inside us HOPE never dies..

Our smallest little version somewhere from inside shout to us , ” Hey, you there, listen to me now after enjoying your roller coaster ride of emotions.. Agreed that you did not had that childhood which you & every child on this planet deserves to, agreed  you were & always be deprived of your parent’s love, agreed that rarely would anyone be taking the pains to understand you & give you the happiness which you deserve to.. so  what if the world never bothers to your emotions.. so what if someone would never be with you to your life’s destination.. NEVER EVER GIVE UP TO YOUR GOALS & ASPIRATIONS.. beacuse that is the only thing in this whole world which is keeping you U every battle of life… despite of your wounds & scratches deeply confined in your heart you always stood up whenever life had tried to knock you down… I know with a sensitive heart sometimes you just burst into tears but IT’S OKAY because every drop of tears shows that atleast you are a HUMAN with emotions.. but think that “you came this far not only to come this far”. So buck up.. tie your shoe laces more tightly this time so that you can deal with your life more effectively because you are a person in the making to fulfill your life’s purpose.. so this time after this mishap don’t feel dejected.. a little part of you had turned more strong, more matured, for achieving your goal.. Not all have the guts to live a life for a purpose.. so never forget that..now wipe your valuable tears & fight for your struggle to convert it into a rejoice! I am sure one day would come when you would say to your life..YES I DID IT.. after all the mishaps I never gave up & had fulfilled my goal.. That day your smile on your face would say all your life’s struggles that you had pass through & that day you would feel most contended.. so today I am saying you this, ” You would succeed one day.. I believe you, Yes I believe in you,you would definitely succeed one day.”  ๐Ÿ™‚



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