Ever FELT that?

Ever felt that you need to run away to a place where no one to be found and you just sit alone there .. the only company is YOU?

Ever felt lonely in the crowd of thousands of people or being with your friends but you are actually not being there? (sounds complicated.. :p)

Ever felt that you want to cry… cry out loudest.. of no such specific reason… perhaps out of no reason just to make yourself feel relieved in some way? (obviously when you are all alone otherwise you would turn into a centre of attraction.)

Ever felt that your mind is boggling with too much stuffs at a time but you can’t exactly differentiate as what is exactly bothering you so much?

Ever felt that someone (a precious one!) who was with you in the previous moment would not be found anymore in your upcoming moments of life?

Ever felt that you had actually forgotten to smile.. rather to stay happy and your day & night are full of sadness & despair? The best part- you can’t figure it out properly what is that particualr reason!!

Ever felt that whenever you breathe it pricks your heart every now & then?

Ever felt that nobody understands you & would never do even if you explain it them?

Ever felt the emotion of tears in your eyes but covering them under your smile?


Been there, felt that.!!


It is good & easy to share positivity around you but it takes a lot of courage to share negatives thoughts of life.. Life is not a bed full of roses, even they are accompanied with thorns.. But it is all upto you as how you would fight with all the odds & shine like a star.. a hero of your life… Against all such things one thing always resides in our heart i.e. HOPE.. may be because of hope most of the people in this world are alive.. waiting for that one moment to come for which they are longing since ages, for which they are working hard every day & night tomake it happen!

Whenever I feel gloomy I always recall some lines which does not actually solve my problems but it gives me courage to fight against it.. our heart is very weak we need to fool our heart at our odd times by telling it that everything is going to be alright soon!!

Those lines are:-

The determination should not give up…  The yearning should not stop

No matter if the destination is difficult to find …No matter if the shore does not seem clearly …No matter if the heart is lonely

Even if the path is filled with difficulties, We still have to walk on it . Even if the evening hides the sun of happiness, The night of grief will definitely pass away.

This season of grief will change.. Determination will overcome all difficulties ..There will be a new dawn.

If kindness will be shown to us, We shall recieve sunlight even in shade I pray to God, That our destination should get us.

May the courage remain in every difficulty.. May the promise be fulfilled ..May the love live long. 


It’s a song in Hindi Language which I had explained it in English for everybody’s convenience.I hope it would help each & every reader who is reading this in some or the other way .. Reader, it would definitely not solve your problem but would surely provide you the courage to stand against it, to realise this fact that this is not the end of my life.. I would not let my life to settle itself in such gloomy turn.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.. Do not give up..And all we can hope that IT WILL! SURELY IT WILL.  🙂


34 thoughts on “Ever FELT that?

  1. Reblogged this on Rebloger and commented:
    .. I would not let my life to settle itself in such gloomy turn.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.. Do not give up..And all we can hope that IT WILL! SURELY IT WILL.  🙂

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  2. Beautiful post, and nicely written.
    We need to keep faith, life is meant to be tough. But that doesn’t mean we should give up.
    I couldn’t gather which Hindi song it was that you have translated.
    And thanks a ton for the follow.
    May God bless you.

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  3. Beautiful post and nice lines.
    It is important to fight through the tough times in life so that we can cherish the good times when they come. That’s why its necessary to never give up.
    Thanks a ton for the follow.
    Have a great weekend, God bless.

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