Believe it or not…

People say when there is love in your life what else do you want from your love life? But the reality is much more to it..
1. RESPECT. It’s not necessary that you need to agree with all the bits and points of your partner but atleast never disrepect the other person’s thoughts..
2. SPACE. You love somebody that does not mean that your world and every bit of it needs your partner’s involvement. Learn to give space to the other person because apart from loving, people are having their own part of life to deal with & it’s not necessary that your partner’s involvement is required every now & then.

3. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING. May be he/she is your soulmate & nomatter how much you love him/her, if there is no proper tuning set between them it would take few seconds for your love to be vanished in the air.
4. MATURITY. You just can’t take a stand simply by saying all the time, “I did this beacuse I love You.”ย  If you are not matured enough to understand your partner you would simply end up losing your love.
5. LISTEN. It’s different from HEARING. Listening would solve most of the problems which would be arising amongst two people because everybody is busy making their own point & more busy in justifying it. So STOP, LISTEN, ACT.
6. INTROSPECT. First analyse what you both want from your life. 99.99 % your wants won’t be matching with your partner’s wants. Now next what. Try to reconcile with his/hers. Decide how would you plan your life with his/her so that your wants from life would gets satisfied and also of your partner. Though it’s a lifetime exercise. ITS NOT AT ALL EASY. But you can test it at your initial levels ofย  love life. Observe that if you can make a proper blend & can maintain it without harming/disturbing your partner’s wants then you further proceed with the Love of Your Life.
7. TRUST. If you love someone but if you don’t trust your partner it would lead to a big time chaos in your life.. So I would refer before loving someone try to trust your partner because trust once broken takes ages to rebuild it. Sometimes never.
There can be much more to it.. But the basics is what I had tried to highlight it.
So being in love is just not enough.. you need to maintain your love throughout your lifetime..
I wish every reader would be lucky enough to have the love of your life for your lifetime! ๐Ÿ™‚
Best Wishes.

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