Angel, my search now ends amongst those stars…

Sitting under the bare sky

In the middle of the green..

Cool breeze playing with my hair,

Trying to cover my vision, the serene scene.

I was trying to search for a face, a soul, amongst those twinkling stars.. thought that it would be as bright, similar to your smile.. as dazzling, like your familiar like shouting from million galaxies away, “Hey, why are you so lost?I am here. Can’t you see me? :D.” But within the next moment, I mocked at myself with a smile.. as what I was trying to search for? My imagination? My fantasy? To make myslef believe that there is your beloved behind those dazzling stars?  Realised that these are all stories for toddlers & children, just to amuse them.

A voice came from a person sitting beside me. “Don’t look for a person amongst those stars or meteors. They are always there with you. In the form of their blessings, their advices, their conversations with you.. most importantly in your heart. Sometimes, when they see that if they will depart from this world, their earthly loved ones would be left helpless, like there would be nobody around them to look after to.. they send an Angel for them so that they don’t feel lonely when they are gone. Infact sometimes they themselves guide us being an Angel.. Now,mind you, angel can be in the form of Human also.! It’s just  you should possess that eye & a heart to identify them. 😀 You never know in what disguise he would be protecting you throughout.”

I said,” YES, you are right. I have found an alive Angel. 🙂 He is always there for me.. rather he came especially for me, when there was no one around to whom I wanted to look forward to. He is always protecting me through his invisible shield from this world.. He laughs with me, cries with me,plays with me. He is such an adorable Angel that without speaking a word, he understands all those unsaid words.. sometimes this Angel gets angry and tries to keep himself away with me.. but such is his heart,in those times also he helps me in the most silent way without even showing that he is the light beleading me. HE is my friend,philosopher and guide of my life. He always thinks of my happiness, goes way beyond his limits just to see a smile on my face. You know why I was looking for those stars? I wanted to see that whether those stars can shine as like my Angel star.?

He,smiling away  : ” So what did you find out? ”

I smiled back, caught hold of his hand, rested my head upon his shoulder & left the rest upon the nature around to answer back his question..

He replied, “ANGEL BUSTED!!” 😀

And we laughed our heart out to it.

That night Nature whispered to us one more thing, ” You had really desired something from your heart … the whole universe had worked towards getting you that.  You wanted your beloved so much, so truly … that the entire universe has conspired for you to get HIM/ HER”  🙂



58 thoughts on “Angel, my search now ends amongst those stars…

      1. Hehe, haan! You’re right ya! 😅
        But, I feel sooo happy when I read these kinda romantic things. ☺☺
        Haha, inside, I know writing something like this isn’t possible for me, but I appreciate the thoughts and I love reading them. 😊

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  1. Nothing wrong in finding ur angel among stars. Its your unique way of feeling confident that someone’s there to guide ,love ,talk and bless. But yeah I can feel and understand what u say. Like I do . I feel my mother’s presence around .always. Get the strength from thinking about her way of leading a fearless life.
    Beautiful post.

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    1. according to me there is no sense in finding ppl amongst stars scientifically thats what i told that it is just for amusing us. Reality is something different.
      thank you for your appreciation. 🙂

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      1. I think its more like running over them in no time….plus people are not as good as in imagination in reality….in imagination they are all good sincere caring funny,,,,,but in reality we cant expect we gotta adjust…

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      2. Yes, but not all are like those kind of people.. definitely you would get one or two in your life who would be the same as i had described about the angel..You will find them, trust me.. 😀

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      3. well ,however perfect they are…love turns obsession….and off course people are not bad but they do have human defects….you gotta console and bend obviously thats the beauty of life….I already have few angels in my life….those who make me smile when I cry…yes I like your view of things…

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      4. human limitations would alwyas be their thatswhy we are human not superhumans 🙂 love should not disown its form.. because when love turns into obsession it can never fall back toits original terms.. I have actually seen it happening in my recent times.

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      5. thats what i am saying obsession is somewhat a kind of madness but it definitely spoils the broth.. well it can differ from person to person as how they perceive it.

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  2. That’s what I’m telling scientifically my mother also doesn’t exists now. But I still feel inspired by the way they lived their life.. 🙂 I know reality is different. I haven’t stopped living. But few things adds more to ur emotional strength which might not scientifically exists at all. 🙂

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      1. would share here someday 😀 though a “tidbit” of it has already been shared in some of my posts.. I write in a subtle way.. some consider it as thoughts,some imagination, inspiration etc..

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  3. What a wonderful post!
    There are angels around us. Sometimes we are an angel to others too. We have the freedom to treat people kindly regardless how they treat us and some see that as being an angle.
    Where there is love there is freedom.
    Those two words came to mind as I was reading this: Love and Freedom

    I seen you over at OM meet and greet.
    Thanks and keep up the creative writing.

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  4. Hi . I stumbled upon your blog today & chose to read your feed . I must say , this post was wonderful to come across . I take a day everyday to read all my bloggers blog & while reading I find joy , & whenever I come across something which amuses me , I take a moment to hault by & comment . U have a wonderful imaginary scale . U are so afresh of thoughts . Lov’d the way u portrayed this piece on print. Will look forward to more of your feeds . Thank u for now , & allowing me to do this . Have a great day ahead !😊

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