An Oblivion Backstreet Girl

She stood there in despair
Holding tears in her eyes.
Numbed, her dry lips moved some;
But, her eyes could tell all her cries.

Taken aback, yet not ripped into pieces…
Chin up, held herself high, but her smile has now what ceases.

Yes, a thunderous storm is much stronger than her, to shatter her world at one go;
But, the storm doesn’t know,
She is not that weak to bow.

Indeed,her tender heart bears all the pain,
To affirm, her life won’t be led in disdain.

She passes through a catastrophe;
Yet, her courage doesn’t allow her to withdraw.

She still stands there
Being a mess…
With a mess;
All her around.

Recollecting all her bits and pieces.
Restarting a journey, again;
Of Being Found!

This storm surely had taken away her precious pearl..
But, she will regain it back
It’s a promise, of an “Oblivion Backstreet Girl“.


45 thoughts on “An Oblivion Backstreet Girl

  1. Lovely poem. Come whatever may, she will stand tall.
    By the way, where was *this* backstreet girl all these weeks? If I’m not wrong, you’ve long been away from WP. Something the matter?

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    1. Hahaha :D.. Yes the gaps between my posts are now tend to be longer.. yet I will try to reduce those gap asap.. something was not clicking me to share any stuff thats why was being aloof.. I believe quality matters πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Quality does matter, but posting regularly makes a difference too, at least once a week or so? And I believe that not every one of my posts will come out Pulitzer-worthy but sticking with writing regularly makes it that much easier to get the mental clicks for ideas, like making the mind an idea generator. πŸ™‚

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    2. And thank you for the read and for noticing the GAP.. feels good that people wait for the posts :D.. I will try to reduce those waiting periods and to keep on sharing stuufs with everyone here. πŸ™‚

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      1. Aarrggghhhh, this slow data connection. The app showed that the comment wasn’t published and here it has been done twice (I guess!). Embarrassing!
        Keep writing daily, at least for half an hour
        You’ll notice the difference yourself.

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      2. Don’t thank me so much. It was appreciation where it was due. πŸ™‚
        Thank me when you find your writing mojo back after putting into practice the ideas I gave you today.

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      1. you are in which level of CA? psychology! well thanks for such a great compliment 😁 I can’t resist singing this song.. o Shaggy re.. tere Bina bhi kya jeena.. tere Bina bhi kya jeena 😁

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      2. Have cleared ipcc group 2… Looking forward for an article ship…
        Yea psychology because you hypnotise soo well….
        I got the lyrics here, let’s sing together….

        “O Shaggy Re tere Bina bhi kya jeena.. Tere Bina bhi kya jeena..
        Foolo mein kaliyon me
        Sapno ki galiyon mein
        Tere Bina kuch kahi naaa
        O Shaggy reeeeee…
        Tere Bina bhi kya jeena ”

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  2. Wonderfully written! πŸ’• Coincidentally, I’ve written something similar in my last post called Lost & Found. It’s funny how sometimes we have such similar thoughts with people we’ve never met, glad to have found you and connected! Cheers β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

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