A Journey With YOU…

It’s high time as to what should I say…

Even words are less to express for your way

While, I, like a timid flower, shrinking by its fright;

It was all dark when I saw a ray of light.


I was about to fall when you suddenly catch hold my hand

Passing through all the pitfalls & making me reach to this end.

You have been to me a friend, philosopher & a guide

Apart being my soul mate, the best part of me you had derived!


I know, with you I am having just a phase

But your influence on me can never be erased!

Yes, you have a big heart, a heart which is divine..

Beacuse it has taken a lot of pains to shape my mind.


To me, you are an inspiration

For my present,for my life..

But one thing I would like to add to your deight


Wherever I’ll go, wherever I may reside

I promise you today,

Your head would always be held high with pride.. 🙂


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