Smile, wherever you are…

I wish your eyes always shines with the glimpse of mine…

Whenever you close your eyes, your imagination makes me define!

Your presence itself makes my feelings tremor,

I wish being your first & last syllable forever..

May this world comes to a halt when we are together

I wish I could hold time & be with you forever..

There is some kind of magic when you are there;

Love is what you carry with yourself in the air.

Where you are is my heart always belong

Just want to be with you whole life long.

I want to be your first view of the day & fall with you for the night!

To be the reasons of your happiness & to your delight;

But one thing apart from all despite

You are my soul mate & destination of my life.

Without you my breath would never strive!

The fact that even God could never amend,

The love for you from my soul would never end,.

Yet my heart cries out for you of these bizarre

Smile wherever you are…

Smile wherever you are …. ๐Ÿ™‚

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