Lessons learned till this point of Life.

Though at this point of my age I can’t hold the experiences of my grandfather & grandmother.. yet till this edge of my life I has started learning lessons of life which my grandfather used to share with me in his own version.

  1. Childhood is the best part of our life.. believe it or not but one day you will surely realise this!  😉
  2. School life would haunt your mind with all good memories & your heart would yearn to go back those days to relieve those moments.
  3. Why it is like this the person whom you love the most causes you the greatest pain which aches in your heart till your last breath.
  4. There would always be one person in your life whom you loved the most but can’t be a part for the rest of your life.
  5. The person who loves you from all his/her heart is hard to find. If someone is like that somewhere ,he/she is  the most beautiful person in your life. Hold that person’s hand forever, he/she may not be there tomorrow. ( Inspired from the song ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, but it’s actually true.)
  6. Anger can spoil the broth! It’s difficult to control but you need to start handling it as soon as possible so that the broth one day doesn’t turns into your life.
  7. It’s good to be jealous. But don’t let yourself turn into an obsessive person. Because obsession steals away your most near & dear thing of your life.
  8. Friends, hard to find, more difficult to retain with yourself! (Atleast for me.) A true friend remains with you in all walks of your life but most of them teaches you the lessons of life!
  9. Reading, a habit which surely would transform yourself into a better person gradually. (It’s absolutely tested with me.)
  10. We had not come to this planet to eat, chill, sleep & repeat. NO! Everyone has got this life to fulfil some purpose which is hidden somewhere near us. Our duty is find our soul’s purpose as to why we had descended on this planet & to live our life fulfilling the real goal of our life. 🙂

There are many but the above were those that had groomed my life in some or the other way. I am sure there would be lot more to go & at the end when I would be breathing my last breath I would be thankful that all these things happened to me, irrespective of good or bad, because all these are the stepping stones which had led me to become a better person in my life.

A life lived for a cause, a life lived worth it!! 🙂





25 thoughts on “Lessons learned till this point of Life.

  1. Divya, that’s a wonderful summary of how to live well in the photo accompanying your post. Keep doing what you’re doing, reflecting on life and sharing so we all benefit. And thanks for following my 80Insights blog.

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  2. Why cant we live happily without a goal…just living happily like a happy child..What if after spending all life chasing a goal , on achieving it we feel it actually wasnt the goal at all 😊. However love your points😊 just expressing a contrary opinion 😊

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