Never Give Up!

Definitely, all of us have faced setbacks in our life in some or the other ways.. but mind you, setbacks are a part of our life.. not a life as a whole!! Just like we can’t be successful all the time in all our spheres.. the same is the case with setbacks.. everybody reaches their ultimate goal some or the other day..  its true.. Some may be successful in their career at a very early age.. some may literally slog to make it to their career goal.. but what is important that we all do reach our ultimate destination one day.. yes it may be too early, on time or late.. what is required to trust our journey and keep faith in your almighty..

We all are unique in our own way so why do we expect that our journey would be same and would move at the same pace? Some would achieve their life’s purpose too soon, some had to work hard and strive for it.. some need to wait till the last moment when they thought they just gave up..

Keep your chin up, adjust your invisible crown again.. and don’t stop until your ultimate goal is achieved.. Because your struggle would make sense when you convert it into your ultimate achievement.Thoman Alva Edison failed 1000 times for inventing the light bulb.. but after his invention, his failure is now being looked upon his immense persistence of not giving up, a message that “stop not until the goal is reached”.. if he would have given up on the 1000th time.. all his hard work would have gone into vain.. he would have remained just an anonymous person in the history of times..

So, believe in your hard work, believe in your failed attempts..because those are the stepping stones to your never know when would one last stone turn into your final step to reach your ultimate goal.


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