A Suffocated Soul.

Not of breath;
But  of emotions.

Sometimes  sharing your emotions doesn’t help. Sometimes you want to speak your heart out, but not all things are meant to be spoken. Those emotions gets cultivated in your mind and heart to such an extent that you start having a feel that it’s not actually you who is feeling suffocated.. it’s your soul. I read this line somewhere, “ Sleep doesn’t help, if it’s your soul that’s tired” . It said it all in just one line.
Sometimes it feels your breath is getting heavy and heavier every time you exhale and inhale.. you don’t feel good in whatever activities you get involved into.. you are just not there in that moment. There comes a time when you don’t feel that sad in your worst situations and not so happy in your better world. No, the word is not “Stoic”. It’s something else.. Something where words won’t be able to justify itself to come out with its true essence.
Sometimes, you get a feeling that you are going to miss a train.. you are running hell fast, that train is also catching its pace.. you are putting all your strength to catch that train.. a strange feeling is running down your spine.. the best part – you are not able to figure it out properly! But you don’t want to miss the train.. the commotion which a person actually going inside his body while catching a train.. the same emotions runs down our soul in catching your life’s train.
Sometimes, nobody can actually help you in your journey. We feel helpless at times.. A sense of pity comes up in our mind for ourselves.  No, its not depression. And when we bow down to such happenings, we feel why we are living? For whom? For what reason? To bear this unbearable pain? Which haunts us every now and then?  Wish that God shower this much mercy upon us that today when we fall asleep, it would be our last wish to not to witness the next sunshine, those cool breeze ever…
But suddenly, out of nowhere, one thought comes up :

Still, somewhere inside us, there is a little life remaining..
Still, somewhere inside us, our little soul is breathing..
Still, somewhere inside us, we haven’t forgotten the art of fight;
The way of standing against all the odds of life.
Still, somewhere inside us, that hope never dies..
Still, somewhere inside us, we aspire for a happy soul, a proper well-being
Still, somewhere inside us, there is a little life remaining..
Still, somewhere inside us, there is a little life remaining….


17 thoughts on “A Suffocated Soul.

  1. Must say you’ve written quite beautifully, and the fact that there was a silver lining at the end made for a well-rounded post despite all the gloom and doom the earlier paragraphs suggested.
    To be honest, I think every one of us goes through these feelings at one time or the other. Could be caused by any of an umpteen number of factors but that is the panacea I’d say — finding what caused this insomnia and soul-suffocation in the first place. While it won’t be easy, it’d help you in breaking your soul free of the shackles of desperation and morbidity.
    Great post. God bless. 🙂

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