Life… is YOU.

I saw you for the first time,  felt a pause in that moment.. my heart skipped a beat, my inner joy sprouted from underneath. It was YOU, yes it was you!! for whom I had waited since ages… to get your one near glance, to hold you for yet another chance, to hug you in my arms..

You were there, enjoying yourself in your own little world.. in someone else’s arms, but couldn’t find the eternal recluse.. maybe your heart was searching for its origin, where it can reunite itself again and wander joyfully in its own world.

I touched you for the first time, so supple.. so delicate. I think you had recognised your origin, no sooner you came into my arms.. and gave a thorough signal through a killer smile, which got reflected by a drop of pearl, upon your face, through my eyes.

Your slumber got disturbed because of the pearl drop and we made an eye contact for the first time..  That moment has been stored for me till eternity.. your eyes, full of chastity, full of life.. trying to explain it to me your journey of your getting life till date.. we both smiled again and you made some movement just as a new baby butterfly making its way through its cocoon.

I gave you the very first peck and you made a cracking sound, trying to convey,

“Yes,  I know who you are to me, my life source, my origin.. your warmth, how can I forget that.. I had been wrapped in it for such a long period of time.. How I cannot recognise that voice which used to come from the other side of the wall,  to soothe my ears, to calm me down, to make me realise.. that I am not alone. I can recognise your smell.. it’s you..though I can’t speak as of now, but I know you would understand my each and every syllable which I want it to be conveyed to you. Because I am your extension, a small part of yours.. in whom you had blowed an air of life.. and see now,  I am in your arms!! playing with you in my own way.. talking to you in a language which only you and me can understand 😀 

Such is our relation, that we don’t need words to explain our emotions to each other.. God had tied such a string to each other’s heart that wherever I will be, you will  surely understand my state, my feelings.. 

Let me confess one thing to you today..

I was in a much more haste than you, to come into your arms..
To sleep with you, to sleep upon you..
To make you make you realise that
Gone are those days of sobbing and crying,
Gone are those days of longing and yearning,
Gone are those days of sadness and despair..

Now what will prevail is only happiness and joy.
Together we will fill & experience various shades of life
Thank you, for sharing such an eternal bond of life. ”  🙂


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