Satisfaction is playing synthesizer!!

I love to play synthesizer.. and I am having a long list of learning other instruments like violin, flute, mouth organ etc. I was unaware of this fact in my inital days of playing synthesizer that it has some advantages also.. I had experienced and realised some of them.
1. Makes you more organised.
2.Learning any instrument requires a lot of patience.. So indirectly you are boosting your patience levels upwards if you are learning any instrument.

3. Enhances your concentration power. Especially when you are learning any instrument on your own. Beacuse you need to be careful about the correct note,tone, beat, chords, rhythm etc that too simultaneously.
4. It’s one of the good escape from your stressful life.. People would leave you someday or the other but your instrument would always be with your good or bad times.. Whenever you feel more stressful, instrument would be your best friend to rejuvienate yourself.
5. You climb one ladder more towards being a creative person!
6. Whenever you complete a song over your instrument a wierd sense of achievement you would feel. As if what great thing you had done. (Especially if you are learning it on your own!)
7. After playing your instrument you will always end up feeling happy and contended. 🙂
Your instrument would one day turn into your friend for life. 🙂

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