School Days..

I wrote this way long back on 22.10.2010 when I was rejoicing my last days of school life.. I came across this poem today & a flashback passed through infront of me..

Those joyful days of our life

which would never come back.

Let’s keep the world aside..

Let’s fall back into the flashback.

A ponytail with two hairpins,

Soul free from all sins.

Small steps walking towards kindergarten,

with a heart, a bit frightened..

Those learning numbers & rhymes..

We still recall them now at times. 🙂


A new ambience a new place,

an excitement along with unknown face..

Getting those punishments & scoldings

Along with our tears rolling..

Arguments for the first bench

which used to never end!

A new day added a new friend,

making the circle never end..


Times passes by making our roots stronger,

Even wind cannot uproot them no longer.

Those making fun of each other;

Giggling, gossiping & studying together

Those hugging & fellow-feeling..

We passed our days in this dealing.


Now these glorious days are at it’s closure

It’s going far away making us closer..

Time which we all had spent,

Wish it would have never end.

Later considered as a page in our old diaries,

But remaining alive in each other’s memories!! 🙂



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