The ardent Love for Krishna

मेरे सामने तुम आते नहीं, पर मुझसे दूर कही जाते भी नहीं आज भी हूँ तेरे इंतज़ार में वहीँ, यमुना के किनारे , इसी चाह में ; की कब तेरी बंसी पुकारे! न ये नैना थकते, न ये रैना बीते, तेरी यादों से आज भी है हम सपने सीते. अधरे है चुप, पर नयन कर … More The ardent Love for Krishna

My Ultimate Salvation

Yes, You are here Inside and around me. Yes, I can’t see you But, You are always watching me. You are my only companion In those joyful and gloomy days. Surpassing through the pitfalls; You are guiding me in every possible way. A subtle connection or, a highly coded medium is prevailing between us. Things … More My Ultimate Salvation

The SHOW must go on!!

Yet another cycle which most of us face in our life at some point of time. Starting with strangers.. well they are all around… these are those people regarding whom we are GENERALLY not bothered (apart from those people who say “ how would people react to this?” “what would people say to this?”) I … More The SHOW must go on!!